Staffing OptionS Support Co-ordinators

Staffing OptionS Development Workers are currently providing this role.  When working in the role of Support Connector or Coordinator the Development Worker will not be involved in the provision of your direct services.

Staffing OptionS Development Workers have been working with people in the hosted self-directed support arrangements to assist them to purchase supports and services from a variety of sources.  Development Workers work with you to identify supports and services in your community that will best meet your needs.

The Development Worker can assist you to establish your support arrangements and facilitate the arrangements between you and the providers that will be required under your NDIS Plan.  This could include utilizing Staffing OptionS payroll services if that is your choice under continuation of support arrangements.

Staffing OptionS is currently providing Support Coordination in areas where it does not offer direct services due to long standing relationships with people and families in the south-west Queensland region. 

What is Support Coordination?

A Supports Coordinator is someone who can be funded separately in your NDIS plan to assist you to understand your plan and work towards your goals.

The official definition of Supports Co-ordination by the NDIA is:

Assistance to strengthen participant’s abilities to coordinate and implement supports and participate more fully in the community. It can include initial assistance with linking participants with the right providers to meet their needs, assistance to source providers, coordinating a range of supports both funded and mainstream and building on informal supports, resolving points of crisis, parenting training and developing participant resilience in their own network and community.’

There are 3 levels of Support Coordination: Support Connection; Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination.  Some areas will also have a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) appointed to them to assist with the support coordination.

Conflict of Interest Strategy

Plan Management and Support Co-ordination will be established as separate activities within Staffing OptionS.  Staffing OptionS can continue to assist you to pay for your support staff and your supports and services from a range of providers.  Staffing OptionS will be adapting its current policies and procedures to ensure that it is clear that you will continue to have the right to determine who, how and when your supports are delivered.