Staffing OptionS is a private fee-for-service organisation which commenced in 1997 in response to a need for experienced, quality support workers to be available for emergency and short-term situations.

    Starting as a one person operation, employing several casual staff, Staffing OptionS' initial requests were for staff to provide both in and out of home respite for families and provide back-up staff for non-government and government service providers at times when their own workers were unavailable.

    Since then, Staffing OptionS has expanded its direct service capacity and staffing levels and offers people and organisations support which is ‘tailor made’ to meet your needs.  

    The growth of the organisation reflects our response to requests from people for:

    • flexibility in support
    • to be the decision makers
    • to have a voice that is respected and heard

    Staffing OptionS regards good communication and flexibility as key to the delivery of quality service provision.