Looking for a personal yet professional in-home respite or living arrangement?

Staffing OptionS "Alternate Family Living Arrangements" offers you an alternative to centre-based or group-home respite and living arrangements. Staffing OptionS contracts families who are able to take children or adults with a disability as a new family member while providing them support for:

  • short-term family stay
  • one-off stay
  • regular stay, or
  • ongoing living arrangements

What are the benefits?

  • The child or adult with a disability becomes an integral member of the AFLA family
  • The AFLA contractor and their family offers a harmonious, nurturing and caring home and family environment
  • Very often a close relationship develops between the AFLA family and the family of the person receiving support, which enhances the well-being of the child or adult with a disability and their families
  • Alternate Family Living Arrangements can support people with a range of disability and support needs
  • Alternate Family Living Arrangements can support people from a range of backgrounds
  • The AFLA contractor provides personal yet professional support to meet the individual needs

Can you tell me more about the families?

All contractors providing Alternate Family Living Arrangements have:

  • Qualifications and experience in providing support to people with a wide range of needs within the disability spectrum
  • A property assessment with yearly safety checks
  • A Blue Card (Working with Children) and / or Yellow Card (Disability Services Positive Notice)  
  • A First Aid & CPR Certificate
  • Regular engagement with the AFLA Manager