Need support to get out into the community?

Staffing OptionS provides 1:1 support to people wishing to access their local community and beyond. Staffing OptionS will work with you and your support network to identify activities, experiences and challenges of your choice and support you to develop any required skills needed to fully participate in those activities.

What is important?

  • Quality staff - having staff who are reliable, skilled and experienced, who will help you explore a range of options. Staff you would enjoy spending that important time with,  who listen, communicate well and will willingly work flexibly with your needs. 
  • Continuity of staff - continuity of staff supports good relationships, open and honest communication and supports the growth of trust.  In turn this creates an environment where people are able to raise their concerns and feel heard without fear of negative consequence.  
  • Individual involvement and family involvement in decision making, planning, review of supports  - all encouraged 
  • Experience - Staffing OptionS has been providing Community Participation since 1997 

Some questions answered

  • Access is based on Staffing OptionS capacity to provide a suitable response and is decided on a case by case basis
  • Yes you can choose you own staff and revisit that decision if it is felt the arrangement does not address your needs
  • Yes input from those involved in your life is encouraged and welcome
  • Yes of course you may use an advocate to help you at any time