Staffing OptionS is a private, fee for service agency that provides experienced, quality support staff on a temporary and contracted basis to people with disability and the aged across a wide range of disability, family and community support services.

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23 March 2017

New Website Under Construction Coming Soon

Staffing OptionS is currently developing a new website. Keep checking in.

22 September 2015

GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY NDIS SYMPOSIA SERIES: Children with disability and complex health needs: Queensland Health and the NDIS working together

In partnership with Children’s Health Queensland, Griffith University is bringing together a range of experts and people with lived experiences to discuss how families of children with disability and complex […]

PASSING The 5 day practicum for learning more about Social Role Valorisation

This event includes visits to two human services; interviews and conversations with both the people who receive the service and those who provide the service. Following each study visit, you […]

Staffing OptionS commenced in 1997 in response to a need for experienced, quality support workers to be available for emergency and short-term situation.

Starting as a one person operation, employing several casual staff, Staffing OptionS initial requests were for staff to provide in- and out-of-home respite for families. Since then, Staffing OptionS has expanded its direct service capacity and staffing levels and offers you support which is ‘tailor-made’ to meet your needs.

Currently Staffing OptionS provides services within Brisbane, Moreton, Ipswich and the North Coast region extending to Gympie and employs over 300 support staff.

Staff recognise and respect that people who seek its services know what support best suits their needs and staff will always strive to meet those needs in individual, creative and innovative ways.

Each request will be heard and understood and solutions and outcomes negotiated.

 The culture of Staffing OptionS is one of flexibility with a ‘whatever it takes’ framework of responding.

Staffing OptionS is constantly adapting and evolving and will continue to change and grow in response to your expressed needs.

Staffing OptionS Provides: