Do you want to control your own support but need assistance to take on the responsibilities associated with staff management, employer obligations, budgeting and (if required) support with planning?

The essence of Collaborative Support is being responsive to your choices

What is staff management?

  • Rosters
  • Recruitment
  • Matching of staff
  • Training
  • Sourcing of key workers
  • Staff support

What else can you help me with?

  • Budgeting
  • Fulfill all employer obligations for example Payroll
  • Attend meetings as required
  • Keep accurate accounting records

Some questions answered

  • Access is based on Staffing OptionS capacity to provide a suitable response and is decided on a case by case basis.
  • Yes you can choose you own staff and revisit that decision if it is felt the arrangement does not address your needs.
  • Input from those involved in your life is encouraged and welcome.
  • Yes of course you may use an advocate to help you at any time.