Funding & Private Fee for Service

  • Staffing OptionS has ‘approved service provider’ status under Disability Services funding program and is subject to the Disability Services Quality Management System.  
  • Staffing OptionS is a registered Host Provider (for individuals directing their own support) for all regions of Queensland.
  • Staffing OptionS  has 'approved service provider' status under the Department of Health for Home Care Packages.
  • Staffing OptionS is also used by individuals and families on a private fee for service basis

Regions Covered

  • Services are currently provided in the Brisbane, Moreton, Ipswich and North Coast regions extending to Gympie.
  • The Self Directed / Host arrangements are Queensland wide. 


Access to services provided is determined by customer requirements. Each request is considered carefully on a case-by-case basis. Service provision is flexible and based on the individual's need. Staffing OptionS does not discriminate with respect to age, gender, race, culture, religion or disability for those seeking to engage its services or those seeking employment with Staffing OptionS.

Individuals may use an advocate of their choice to assist them access Staffing OptionS and throughout service provision. 

Our Mission

  • People to have authority around the supports they receive
  • Individuals to pursue opportunities, interests and connections in their local community and beyond
  • Support to be provided in alternative, flexible ways
  • Services to meet their temporary and emergency staffing needs


  • Provide competent, experienced, well trained disability support and aged care staff to individuals, families / carers and government / non-government service providers
  • Sustain an effective and viable service that is respected by individuals, families,  carers and government / non-government service providers


  • People who require its services are entitled to support which meets their individual needs by workers who have a clear understanding of the manner in which the support is to be provided.
  • Service Providers are entitled to expect that the workers provided through Staffing OptionS will have an understanding of their service philosophy and are able to work within their service framework.
  • Workers employed by Staffing OptionS are entitled to be provided with sufficient knowledge and resources to provide the support required.

Our Culture

  • The culture of Staffing OptionS is one of flexibility with a ‘whatever it takes’ framework of responding. We are constantly adapting and evolving and will continue to change and grow in response to your expressed needs.


  • Staffing OptionS is aligned to the 6 Human services Quality Standards through its written policies and procedures and its commitment to uphold the Queensland Disability Services Act 2006 Human Rights Charter

Our Staff