Staffing OptionS Plan Management Services (financial intermediary)

As a Plan Manager Staffing OptionS would be able to facilitate the payment for most items that will be funded under your NDIS Plan.

Staffing OptionS finance team hold prime responsibility for paying for your supports and services and claiming from the NDIS.  You can pre-approve payments via a schedule of supports and services or via alternative authorisation process.

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management is funded separately in your NDIS plan when you opt to have your plan Plan Managed.  A Plan Management Agency pays your service providers directly and then claims for services through the NDIS Portal.  The PMA does not arrange your support but pays your bills for you.

A Plan Manager can help with the financial tasks associated with your plan. For example, organising providers and their payments, processing of claims and invoices and submitting / claiming booking via the NDIS portal. 

A Plan Manager can be a good way of getting the benefits of self-management, but with someone to assist with the financial side of things.  You can continue to pay for your supports and services from registered and non-registered providers based on funded supports.

Conflict of Interest Strategy

Plan Management and Support Co-ordination will be established as separate activities within Staffing OptionS.  Staffing OptionS can continue to assist you to pay for your support staff and your supports and services from a range of providers.  Staffing OptionS will be adapting its current policies and procedures to ensure that it is clear that you will continue to have the right to determine who, how and when your supports are delivered.