Staffing OptionS provides systems designed for people to have optimal control of their support arrangements without having to deal with all the legal, financial and administrative requirements.  Staffing OptionS offers:


Staffing OptionS has been supporting self-directed support for over 15 years.   Staffing OptionS takes responsibility for ensuring that your arrangements meet funding guidelines and provides services and information for you to meet your obligations as an employer and purchaser of supports and services.  We can provide assistance to design your support service to meet your needs and provide as much or as little assistance with financial management and the legalities of being an employer as you need.  It's about finding the right fit for you.

Development Workers

to establish the relationship between you and Staffing OptionS.  The Development Worker can assist with planning, role descriptions, budgeting, agreements, contracts, recruitment and back-up as well as mentoring in self-direction and management of supports.  You can also use your funding to purchase who you want to provide some of these roles.

Financial arrangements

Staffing OptionS offers a payroll service, invoice payments service, self-management of funds via a reimbursement system.  These services are all available via Plan Management Services under the NDIS.