What is Self-Direction?

Self-direction offers people with disability the chance to have greater control over decisions and choices relating to funded support. Self-direction assumes that you and/or your family, committed friends or allies want to make the majority of decisions about the things that happen for you and have primary control over your supports and services. Self-direction means that you have the freedom and responsibility to determine:

  • Where and how you live your life
  • How paid supports interact with the natural and mainstream supports in your life
  • Who you employ or engage to provide support
  • Which services you will purchase
  • Intentional safeguarding strategies for now and the future

What does a Host Agency do?

Self-direction does not mean that you have to do everything on your own.  Self-direction is about having choice and control over the things that matter most to you.  

Staffing Options works with you to design the supports and services you can purchase with your funding. A ‘host’ agreement is developed that details the roles and responsibilities delegated to you, the roles and responsibilities of Staffing OptionS Development Workers as well as administration and finance staff. Staffing OptionS can offer a payroll service, invoice payment service, reimbursement service and provides regular financial reports and budget reviews. 

Staffing Options negotiates a fee, a percentage of funding, to cover costs incurred based on what activities we are required to do on your behalf.