What is Your Life Your Choice?

Your Life Your Choice is a self-directed funding approach introduced by the Queensland Government in 2012. It enables people with disability and their families to have greater choice and control over the disability services they receive.  You are able to have any Queensland Disability Services funded managed under Your Life Your Choice as long as supports are considered stable.  Self-directing your support under Your Life Your Choice can be good preparation for the NDIS.

Under Your Life Your Choice in Queensland you have the choice to receive funding via a Host Provider or via Direct Payments.   Staffing OptionS has a service agreement with Disability Services and we are endorsed as a Host Provider under Your Life Your Choice. 

How can Funding be used?

Staffing Options interprets the funding guidelines as that funding can generally be used to employ support and coordination staff and other support to enable you to:

  • Live at home and manage your household
  • Take part in recreational and leisure activities
  • Strengthen personal and family relationships and networks
  • Go on a holiday.
  • Purchase necessary aides and equipment that cannot be provided by other agencies or government departments
  • Purchase other supports that are identified as meeting ‘disability’ support’ requirements.